Genuine leather buckless belt


$39.95 AUD

Style: bb

Belts to go with our buckles. Those belts use unique mechanism that allows it to be used with any buckle from our extensive range.  This fantastic belt gives you endless possibilities. It can change with your tastes. Stay flexible and versatile with this quality men’s belt available online right here.  Our belts are available in Tan, Brown, Black, White and red colours and all sizes. Those belts are made from top quality Australian leather. All our belts are solid, not split (made from single piece of quality leather).

Belts over 50″ are only available in Black. Other colors may be available subject to availability of leather. 

  • Made in Australia
  • Genuine Australian Leather
  • Will fit any of our buckles
  • About 37mm wide
Belt size

If in doubt, check your pants size and get belts which is one size up. E.Q. for 34″ pants, get 36″ belt.

NOTE: While we aim to make all belts from single piece of leather, belts of 62″ and longer may be made with joint!

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