The Oz: Genuine leather Australian belt with buckle 40-AUST-COA


$54.95 AUD

Style: 40-AUST-COA

The Oz: Made in Australia, this genuine leather belt a metallic buckle emblazoned with the outline of the Australian continent with a Kangaroo in the middle. Australian Coat of Arms and boomerangs make up a subltle motif embossed into the genuine australian leather.  The Oz is an authentic piece of Australian quality leather.

Tan color can only be mad ein sizes up to 50″

  • Made in Australia
  • Genuine Leather
  • Buckle can be easily removed
  • Width: 37-40mm
Belt size

If in doubt, check your pants size and get belts which is one size up. E.Q. for 34″ pants, get 36″ belt.

NOTE: While we aim to make all belts from single piece of leather, belts of 62″ and longer may be made with joint!

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