The Best Rated 5 Belts Every Man Needs to Have in His Life

Every respectable man simply has to have his outfits enhanced by a serious grown-up belt collection and always be ready to accessorize for any occasion. Keep reading to find out how to build a proper wardrobe with all types of leather belts you need!

The Best Rated 5 Belts Every Man Needs to Have in His Life

A nice belt should be perceived as more than a practical item. It's a personal touch added to man.s image. You should wear this classic accessory as a style statement that reflects your personality and contributes to your look.

Belts can be worn on any occasion, not just in formal dressing situations. Besides the obvious suit, belts can be worn with jeans, shorts, and basically every type of pants that have belt loops.

But don't forget to match the type of belt you choose with your outfit.

It's always best to have more than one belt. Firstly, wearing belts by rotation makes sure that each of them gets a longer lifespan. A Man's Guide for Keeping a Long-Life Belt].

You'll also need different colours to match all that variety in your wardrobe. Stay in tune with your chromatics and don.t wear discordant colours.

So, without further ado, here are the five best rated men's belts in the world: true wardrobe essentials that any modern day man needs.

#1.The Formal Black Leather Belt#1. The Formal Black Leather Belt

Black Men Leather Belt
Photo: Formal black genuine australian leather belt for men

A stylish leather belt adds a layer of luxury to your look.
The formal belt is what you wear with a tailored suit, when dressing up smart for an occasion, workplace or business meeting. It's one of the best looking mens belts you could ever own.

This belt should always be made out of fine leather and be in the same colour tone as the suit you're wearing. Always choose leather over other types of belts, such as fabric, because they simply don't cut it for the formal outfit.

A suit is a representation of your personality, so don't distract people from taking you seriously by wearing an inappropriate belt buckle. For the formal black leather belt choose a discreet and simple buckle. You may also want to go for particular patterns, such as snakeskin, or leather grain. Don't try to overdo them, simple is better, and genuine leather made in Australia is your best bet.

#2.The Formal Brown Leather Belt

Brown Men Leather Belt
Photo: Formal brown genuine australian leather belt for men

The brown leather belt is simply the alternative to the black leather one.
If you work in a corporate office environment you most definitely wear one of these two formal belts on a weekday basis.

The brown leather belt's advantage is that you can wear it with any suit colour, and it will still look like one of the coolest mens belts you ever owned. So, points for versatility!
However, you should always try and match it with the shoes you're sporting.

As with the black leather belt, you should keep the belt buckle discreet and simple at the office.
The strap can be complemented with different patterns such as fine weave or leather grain and in various shades of brown. This accessory is bound to give your outfit an image of true taste and sophistication.

#3.The Casual Leather Belt

Black Men Casual Leather Belt
Photo: Casual black genuine australian leather belt for men

A casual leather belt will offer you the benefit of versatility and freedom.
You can wear it with any casual outfit and take a break from the sombre, more formal black and brown models. It's an off-duty fashion piece that speaks about your personality and compliments your general style. And if you ask us, one of the best men's belts for jeans!

As opposed to the formal style belts, the buckle on this casual piece can become the centerpiece of your look.

Matching the belt with your shoes isn't necessary in a casual format, so you can choose whichever colour suits you best. As long as it doesn't look forced, and it can pass through the loop of your trousers, you're good to go!

For a casual styled look, you can also go with the all too classic suede belt.
Placed tactically at the border between casual and formal, the suede belt often comes in handy when wearing a jacket with jeans. Don't mistake its fashion sensitive look for an unnecessary item. You never know when you can get a compliment based on your unique sense of style.

Black Casual Suede Belt

#4.The Slim Leather Belt

Black Men Slim Leather Belt
Photo: Casual slim leather belt for men

Are you one of the more fashion oriented men out there? Slim belts are designed for you. This type of belt is really one of the top quality accessory out there that shouldn't be missing from your wardrobe.
These belt might be more difficult to wear, since they require trousers with special loop sizes.

However, the slim leather belt is a great piece for dressing up fancy, but not in a formal way, where you look like you tried too hard.

Tip: In fact, never try to integrate a slim belt to a formal outfit!

The slim leather strap is usually double sided and comes in two colours, but a single side is not excluded. Big buckles are not advisable, as they do not go well with the slim strap.

In terms of buckle, you should try choosing something discreet that matches the rest of the look.

#5.The Casual Leather and Fabric Stretch Belt

Casual Webbing Stretch Belt
Photo: Casual webbing stretch belt

Wearing leather all the time can be tiring for some, you sometimes have to go with an all casual, laid back, fabric belt. The beauty of fabric and leather belts lies in the comfort they provide without the realisation that you are actually wearing them!

Especially worn during summer hot months, this type of belt lightens up your whole look and acts as a signature piece for your outfit. Another of its great advantages is the eye catching cromatic that it provides to your summer style. You should have at least two. Or three. All in different colours!

How Do Guys Wear Belts and Which Type Is Your Favourite?

Some belts are necessary, and some are essential, as you just discovered.
Bottom line is a man needs his belts!

Hopefully you now have a better view of what you lack in the wardrobe department, so you can head out - or browse online - and buy the new style leather belt pieces you need!